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VM for masters som går av stabelen 17.-25. april 2008 i Perth, Australia og arrangøren lover at det skal bli et fantastisk mesterskap. Her kan du lese litt selvskryt fra arrangøren:

As many of you know, the XII World Masters Swimming Championships take place in 17-25 April 2008 in Perth, Western Australia.

We are expecting thousands of swimmers, divers, synchronised swimmers and water polo teams from all over the world to come and compete at Challenge

Stadium which is the only venue to have event hosted two previous world championships (1991 and 1998). Challenge provides pools for all sports in the competition.

The organisers are turning the Stadium into a giant entertainment complex for the event with free entertainment every night and a great range of food and drinking outlets. The stadium will be a festival for water sports for every day of the event. The new accommodation packages have been launched and are available on the internet.

We have agreements with a number of Star Alliance airlines and with local accommodation supplier Discover West for great special airfares and accommodation packages for competitors and visitors to the event. You can get access to these through the website http://www.2008finamasters.org.

FINA have modified the times for swimmers for this event (please see them by going to http://www.2008finamasters.org) which will mean a great many more swimmers will qualify to enter.

For competitors and spectators, sun, adventure, an awesome natural environment and friendly people is what you’ll find in Perth. Western Australia is famous for its long days of sunshine, cloudless blue skies and hundreds of kilometres of brilliant beaches. Perth gets more sunny days than any other capital city in Australia Perth City offers an easy-going lifestyle. The population of 1.3 million means the city also offers a huge range of shopping, dining and nightlife options and a vast array of accommodation, tour choices, golf courses, wineries and many other activities.

Here are just a few things you can do in Western Australia

  • Dine in one of 1000 restaurants
  • Dive with the world’s largest fish – the whale shark
  • Play golf in one of more than 50 courses
  • Snorkel with manta rays
  • Shop in the huge complexes each with more than 200 shops
  • Get a tan along hundreds of kilometres of rolling sandy beaches
  • Drink the worlds finest red wines in Margaret Rivers
  • Surf the waves chosen by world champions
  • Swim with wild dolphins
  • Walk amongst the tree tops of ancient trees
  • Sleep under a canopy of stars in the desert

I hope we will see you in Perth in 2008.

Please pass this on to all of the Masters swimmers, divers, synchronised swimmers and water polo players you know.

Many thanks for your help.
Tom Hoad
Executive Officer
XII World Masters Swimming Championships 2008


I perioden 15.-25. april 2008 går VM for masters av stabelen i Perth i Australia. Sjekk ut den offisielle nettsiden. Arrangøren har lagt ut en konkurranse med gevist med verdi på $10.000 dersom du skriver deg opp som abonnent på nyhetsbrevet for VM – klikk her.
24.10.07: Tilbud om fellesnordisk treningsleir i forkant av VM.