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Friday December 5th 2003

A Nordic Clinic with representatives from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

We agreed on these subjects:


  • The four different countries all want Nordic Championships every year. It is important to bring this to the Nordic Federations.
    We are going to split the Nordic Championships in 2004 because of Olympic Champ, and have it together again in 2005.
  • Nordic Championships 2004 in Sweden instead of Finland.
  • Nordic Championships Senior in Stockholm 16th -18th of July 2004.
    If it is possible, we want a training camp before the Championships.
  • Nordic Championships Junior in Sweden in September. In time before we have to make the final entry for World Champ. Age Group.
    Sweden and Finland are going to check this as soon as possible.


  • The Nordic countries each invite coaches from other countries to their own coachclinic.
  • Try to arrange for a special clinic for coaches and then invite another coach from a different country.
  • Make an effort to see if it is possible to have a “come together” at the Arena Cup, people from Sweden will check this out.
  • A training camp for the best divers from each country once a year.
    Bo Sjøgren, Sweden, will propose time and place for a training camp in 2004.
    Proposal: Summercamp in Jønkøping 2004?

Bente Grødem Johnson

Arrangert på Hamar fredag 5. desember 2003