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Her er meldingen fra Kim White i det bristiske svømmeforbundet den 29. september:


Dear Friends

I am sorry to tell you that we have had to cancel the Judges Clinic (as expected) due to insufficient entries from the European Judges. We have only had 6 entries into the clinic, 2 from France, 2 from Russia, 1 from Finland and 1 from Italy.

We know that this is mainly due to the high cost, which is linked with 1) the clinic being held over 5 days and not 3, and 2) London prices!

From your feedback to me initially, I see that you feel strongly that the clinics should be only 3 days and not 5 days as stipulated by FINA. I suggest that we therefore ask that this be fed back to FINA, so that they are aware of this.

My apologies for this but I guess it has not come as such a surprise to most of you.

Kind regards
Kim White
Junior Olympic Programme Manager for British Diving
Mobile: 07831 576344
Email: kim.white@swimming.org  
Website: www.britishswimming.org  



21. september skrev vi om FINA diving judges clinic 2005 som skulle vært arrangert ved Heathrow i England, 3. – 7. november 2005. Denne dommerklinikken er avlyst pga for lav oppslutning.